FR 22.3.2019 | 19:30 – 21:30 Uhr | »Wisdom, Love & Presence: Awakening the 3 centres of Head, Heart and Belly « mit Martin Aylward


in Kooperation mit Wiebke Pausch und Yin Yoga Berlin

Martin Aylward gives an introductio into the topic:
“Activating and exploring the 3 principal centres of experience:  the Belly centre of embodiment, where we learn to inhabit our experience ever more fully;  the Heart centre of love, where we free up our undigested emotional life, and open to ever deepening care, joy and spaciousness; and the Head centre of intuition and wisdom, where we learn to disengage from habitual and  counterproductive thought patterns, and train the deeper capacities of mind.”

Martin Aylward has been guiding students and teaching awakening worldwide since 1999, offering a pragmatic and contemporary view of ancient eastern teachings, and pointing to freedom of being, here and now. He spent 5 years living in various Buddhist monasteries and with Himalayan hermits in India. He is founding and guiding teacher of, his retreat centre in France, and the mindfulnesstraininginstitute
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Info: The weekend course Saturday & Sunday 23 – 24. March 2019 will be in Lotos-Vihara, Neue Blumenstraße 5 10179 Berlin
The weekend includes guided and silent meditation practice, explorations with Martin and inquiry exercises.