Ringu Tulkus Nachruf zum Tod seiner Mutter und sein Neujahrsgruß

Ringu Tulku Rinpoches Neujahrsgruß 2021 und Nachruf zum Tod seiner Mutter

Meine Mutter ist vor einer Woche gestorben.
Ich vermisse sie sehr aber nicht traurig.
68 Jahre lang sonnte ich mich in ihrer liebevollen Gegenwart.
Jetzt ist die Zeit, dieses Glück zu feiern.
Sie dachte nur daran zu Geben.
Nie verlor sie ihr echtes Lächeln und gutes Herz.
Selbst in unseren schlimmsten Tagen
Ließ sie nie einen Besucher gehen
Ohne eine Tasse heißen Tee.
Ich möchte allen danken, die mir Liebe schickten
Und freundliche Botschaften.
Ich wünsche euch allen ein wunderbare Neues Jahr
Mit Gesundheit, Wohlstand und Harmonie
Und ganz viel Freundlichkeit.

Ringu Tulku, 31.12.2020, Gangtok

New Year Message 2021

My mother passed away a week ago.
I miss her deeply but not sad.
68 years I basked at her loving presence.
This is the time to celebrate that fortune.
She only thought of what to give.
Never lost her genuine smile and good heart.
Even in our worst days
She never let any visitors to leave
Without a cup of hot tea.
I wish to thank all who sent me love
And kind messages
I wish you all a wonderful New Year
With health, wealth and harmony
And lots of kindness.

Ringu Tulku

Ringu Tulkus Botschaft vom 24.12.2020

My mother passed away peacefully this morning, Thursday 24th December.
Somebody was always with her day and night, but we could not find when exactly she passed away. Last night I was with her until 11pm. I gave her all the relics and precious pills that I had. She awoke around 1.30 am and had a little hot water and recited Karmapa Chenno for some time. Then she went back to sleep around 3.30 am.
I went in her room at 6am and it looked as if she was peacefully asleep. When she did not move at all for about an hour we checked and she seemed not to be breathing. Then we called Nichung, my niece who is a doctor, and she found that she had died. She probably passed away between 4am and 6am in the morning.
We have informed all the great masters of all schools and they have done phowa and are doing prayers for 49 days in Sikkim, Nepal and Tibet.
We now have eight Lamas doing Akshobya sadhana. The cremation on Sunday will be done by three groups of Lamas, Lamas from Rumtek monastery will do Akshobya ritual. A group from Sakya monastery and group from Nyingma monastery of Dodrup Rinpoche will do different rituals.
Please pray for her smooth journey and good rebirth.
Thank you

Ringu Tulku
Gangtok 24/12/2020